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With OnlineFundraising, you can accept donations through various payment methods. One such method is via invoice, which is managed differently from other instant payment options. Invoices are not paid immediately and should, therefore, be handled by your accounting team, who will generate the invoice. This process ensures a smooth workflow with timely reminders and follow-ups.

This article describes how to export data from OnlineFundraising.

Step 1: Choose Export and create a new export

  • Select Export in the menu on the left side
  • Click New export in the upper right corner

Step 2: Choose the correct export format

Select DataSet in the menu. This allows you to export all data from the form.

Step 3: Apply a filter

Now add a filter, so the export only includes invoice data.

  • Select Payment method type (Field), and set Value to Invoice
  • If you only want invoices from a specific form, you can choose Add and select form_id equal to XX (form number)

Step 4: Select time period

Next, you need to select the period from which you want to extract data.

  • You do this by adding an extra filter. Click on Add
  • Then select the time period that fits your workflow. For example, it could be form submissions after a specific date
  • If you have several forms that offer invoice payment, you can set Form id as a filter as well

Step 5: Create export

  • Specify who should receive a notification when the data is ready. You do this at the top right, where you can also customise the file format
  • Click Create

The file is then generated, and you will receive a notification when it is ready. Once it is available, you can download it by clicking on the icon next to the line. The file will be placed in your download folder.

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