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Pre-filling campaigns in Onboarding

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This article guides you through how to prefill contact data, metadata, as well as product in an Onboarding Campaign.

The URL structure

Use the link of the landing page which contains the form and make any additions at the end of the link. Customise the link in your preferred text editor. Each field must abide to the following syntax:


For instance, if you wish to pre-fill amount with 100 kroner, the link will look like this:

If you aim to add more than one parameter you can do so by adding a "&" sign after the first parameter. In the following example, a yearly frequency is added as well as the amount:

Values enclosed with {} must be replaced with an accurate value. This value typically comes from another system, such as a telemarketing dialer.



This example contains the fields which are required as a minimum for a Signup campaign:

The example below contains all standard fields which can be included in a Signup Campaign:{firstName}&pre_lastName={lastName}&pre_name={name}&pre_msisdn={msisdn}&pre_email={email}&pre_address={address}&pre_address2={address2}&pre_postCode={postCode}&pre_city={city}&pre_countryCode={countryCode}&pre_nationalId={nationalId}&pre_birthDate={birthDate}&companyName={companyName}&pre_businessCode={businessCode}&pre_externalId={externalId}&product={product}&pre_amount={amount}&pre_paymentMethodType={paymentMethodType}&pre_scheduleType={scheduleType}&pre_scheduleStartType={scheduleStartType}&pre_scheduleStartWithOneOff={scheduleStartWithOneOff}

It is possible to add custom fields. Read more about this in the section about Filling in MetaData.


The example below demonstrates the required fields for an Upgrade Campaigne.

Required values 

  • campaignGuid: points to the campaign that is onboarded in. The campaign is defined by the OF client and has a specific workflow associated with it.
  • externalLeadId: Sometimes multiple payment attempts can occur for the same topic/lead. To provide a good basis for reporting, these sessions are grouped under the same lead. Therefore the externalLeadId is required. You decide what the ID is. For example, you can use your system ID or a member number from the customer. 
  • supscriptionGuid (upgrade/winback only): SubscriptionGuid is required on campaigns if you are using an upgrade workflow. It allows you to change an existing subscription in different ways - e.g. by changing the amount or the payment method.

Filling in contact data 

The following fields can be pre-filled on all campaigns if you choose to add them on the campaign workflow. The fields are used to pre-fill the contact.

  • pre_contactGuid (guid on an OnlineFundraising Contact. If this is filled new Agreements will be added on the existing Contact in OnlineFundraising)
  • &pre_firstName
  • &pre_lastName
  • &pre_name
  • &pre_msisdn (phonenumber)
  • &pre_email
  • &pre_address
  • &pre_address2
  • &pre_postCode
  • &pre_city
  • &pre_countryCode
  • &pre_nationalId (CPR)
  • &pre_birthDate
  • &companyName
  • &pre_businessCode
  • &pre_externalId

Filling in metadata

Onboarding allows the OF customer to get additional information - beyond what OnlineFundraising needs. This data is called metadata and is therefore uniquely created by the customer themselves. 

It is still possible to pre-fill them by knowing their name. It is available in the campaign workflow.


The above field is filled in as follows:


An example with newsletter:


The addition on the link will look like this for a default value of 'No' ('Nej' in Danish):


Filling in products and payment info

The campaign workflow contains a number of products that can be selected. This is pre-filled by entering the number of the product in the workflow.

Example of typical setup


Syntax for prefilling a product:

&product={number of workflow product}

Products can be fully defined defined in advance in terms of frequency, start time and amount. Anything not predefined by the workflow can be pre-filled: 

  • pre_amount={ amount }
  • pre_purposeAccountingCode={ purposeAccountingCode }
  • pre_paymentMethodType=[Test,Card,MobilePay,PaymentService] (predefined payment method)
  • pre_scheduleType=[Monthly,Quaterly,Halfyearly,Yearly] (frequency)
  • pre_scheduleStartType=[now, first, custom] (time of start of appointment)
  • pre_scheduleStartWithOneOff=1 (if an immediate payment is requested, regardless of the start time of the payment agreement)

Note that for these values to be pre-filled, they must be selected as possible in the workflow.

If you want to preset the start time with an optional date, please use the following:

  • pre_scheduleStartType=now
  • pre_scheduleStartCustomDate={ yyyy-mm-dd }

Additional options for frequency selection (not usually used)

  • pre_scheduleEveryOther=[1-24]
  • pre_scheduleCalendarUnit=Month
  • pre_scheduleFixedDay=[1-28]
  • pre_scheduleBaseTier=[1-12]


Betalingsservice (a Payment Methodavailable in Denmark) is a unique scenario in Onboarding, as there are several ways to handle it. 

Should you wish to collect reg. and account numbers elsewhere (not recommended), they can be pre-filled on the following parameters.

  • pre_sortCode={ sort code }
  • pre_accountNumber={ account number }

An example

This is how a full URL for a specific campaign with a pre-filled lead ID, product number 3 and an amount of 100 DKK would look like:

Filling in Upgrade Campaign Actions

All actions in an Upgrade Campaign are available as query parameters:

  • action=[AgreementUpdate,CreateAddOn,ChangePaymentMethod,SubscriptionActions]


This is an example of a complete URL prefilled with subscription set to change Payment Method to Betalingsservice:

Some typical errors

Check the following if you find that Onboarding does not work with your URL.

1. Fill in or remove VALUE and [] values in the URL.

Parameters such as &pre_paymentMethodType=[Test,Card,MobilePay,Payment Service] contain all valid values such as Test, Card, etc. In your final URL, remove the entire parameter if you don't want to prefill it or define which value you want.

Correct usage:

2. Check for special characters

The final URL must not contain characters such as % [ ] ( ) . , or spaces. If the URL contains any of these characters, you have probably either not cleaned the URL as suggested in point 1 or your system (e.g. dialer) is inserting data containing these characters. Check if you can get the data adjusted yourself or contact OnlineFundraising or the dialer.

3. Still not working

If you still can't get it to work please send an email to along with your URL. We'll help you find the problem.

Video Guide

In this video review we show what the agency needs to do to link to Onboarding:

In addition, we also have this review that shows what it looks like when payments are closed: