Introduction: Payments

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If you wish to see alle the payments that travel through OnlineFundraising, you go to the menu item Payments which is located under Transactions in the main menu on the left.

Find your payments

Once you have clicked on payments you get an overview of the latest payments received through OnlineFundraising.

At the top of the page you have the option to search for a payment (Search for payment) using a transaction number, as well as the option to filter your search (Filter). 


 Payment og Transaction – What is the difference?

Payment is a term for an intentional, independent payment/donation.

transaction is a term for any transaction which is related to a payment, and it denotes that a payment amount was transferred from one account to another. This means that a payment can have transactions for Charge and Refund, provided that a refund has taken place. In this case both transactions are represented on your bank statement, even if only one payment exists.

The different states

A payment can reside in different states. They main states, and the most frequent states, are: pending, charged, failed, rejected and cancelled. Below you will find an overview of alle the different states a payment can reside in.




The payment was successfully charged.
Awaiting retry Charge attempt failed. The charge attempt will retry if possible.
Awaiting charge Charge attempt has been created but has not yet been sent to Payment Gateway.
Ready Result from processing a pending subscription. A short state.

The charge attempt has been sent to payment gateway and awaits a result.

Session expired

The charge attempt is expired (e.g. when donor does not approve the payment in the MobilePay app). 


Payment failed – view error codes here.

Rejected Charge attempt was rejected by contact.
Cancelled Payment was cancelled by merchant after the payment request was sent to Payment Gateway and prior to the expected due date (with Payment Gateway limitations in mind).
Refunded Payment was successfully refunded.


Payment Types

Three different payment types exist:

  • Single
    A single payment independently of a subscription
  • Recurring
    A recurring payment in relation to a subscription
  • One-off
    A single payment which triggers a subscription


Needed for bookkeeping

  • Purpose Accounting Code
    This code is defined by the organisation and eases identifying the purpose of each payment for accounting.

  • Payment Method Accounting Code 
    This code is defined by OnlineFundraising and informs about the payment method. The payment method is relevant because different payment methods have different procedure for deposit and transaction fees.

Read more about Bookkeeping here.