How to cancel a payment

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1. Find the payment you wish to cancel

When you wish to cancel a payment you first and foremost need to find the payment in OnlineFundraising. A payment which has not yet been charged will be in the pending state. Usually payments that are to be cancelled are recent, so the most straightforward way to find a payment is by selecting Payments under the menu item Transactional in the main menu of OnlineFundraising. The list view is sorted by the most recent payments.


1.1. Filter the search by Pending

It is possible to filter the search by pending payments at the very right of the list view. Click Filter and select Pending.


1.2. Search for the payment

Alternatively, you can search for the payment in question via the payment id, contact phone number or contact email. 


2. Cancel Payment

Once you have located the payment you wish to cancel, click the payment to open the payment details in a new window. Click Cancel at the top of the window.

What happens next?

The cancellation is queued and starts after a couple of minutes. Once the system has processed the cancellation request the payment state changes to Cancelled. The contact in question will not receive a notification.


Please note that it can take up to 20 minutes before the payment state is updated. The donor will not be notified about the cancelled payment. Remember to also cancel the subscription if the payment is regarding a subscription and the donor is not supposed to be charged in the future. Read more here.

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