How to Edit a Personal Agreement

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It is only possible to change a personal agreement, as a shared agreement affects multiple subscribers. Therefore, you need to archive the shared agreement and create a new one if you want to make any changes, such as in amount or frequency.

How to edit a personal agreement

A personal agreement is an agreement that is unique to a specific contact is not shared with other contacts. If you make changes to a personal agreement, it only affects the one contact to whom the agreement belongs.  

Step 1: Find the contact to whom the agreement belongs

Select Transactional and then Contacts in the OnlineFundraising main menu. Below, you will find the contact to whom the agreement belongs.

Step 2: Open the relevant agreement and select See agreement

Once you have clicked on the relevant contact, you will find their agreements under Subscriptions. Click on the agreement and then click on See agreement in the top right corner. 

Step 3: Click Edit to edit the agreement

Click Edit at the top right corner, and you will see the fields below that you can modify.

What you can change in the agreement

All changes you make take effect immediately. For example, if you change the amount, it will take place from the next billing.

  • Name: The name of your agreement, displayed under Agreements on the individual Contact.

  • Description: This description will be displayed as part of the agreement.

  • Communication: Here, you choose which communication to use when filling out the form. 

  • Amount: The agreement amount, including any VAT (se below). An agreement can only have one amount. 

  • VAT percentage: Here, you indicate whether there is VAT on the amount or not. For example, if you are exempt from VAT, write 0, or if you pay VAT, write 25. You should only write the numbers (not %) in the field.

  • External ID: Here, you can insert and ID defined by an external system, such as your CRM.

  • Purpose Accounting Code: Here, you can change the purpose code, which can help your accounting identify payments for different purposes. 

  • Payment required: Is payment of the agreement required? Required payment is a question of legal claim. For example, if it is a membership where members get a consideration that is only accessible upon payment, set Payment required to yes.

  • Tax-deductible: Are payments on this agreement tax-deductible? 

  • Frequency: Here, you can set the frequency of the agreement using the drop-down menu. 

  • Repeat every: This is automatically set based on the above information unless you select Custom. If you choose Custom, this is where you can set the desired frequency of the agreement.

  • Repeat based on: If you have chosen a frequency with an optional billing date, you can define here on which date the frequency should be based.

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