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How to achieve permission to collect funding by text messages

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To receive overcharged SMS messages, you must comply with the Framework Agreement, which is an agreement between the four Danish telecom companies that set out the framework for how much you can charge, how often, and the requirements you must meet regarding information to the donor.

Therefore we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the following:


It is important that you have permission to collect donations via text message. If you are a member of ISOBRO, you only need to apply once for both text messages and a new shortcode. If you are not a member, you must apply every year and for each keyword, you wish to use.


Start by downloading our application template at the bottom of this guide. You then fill in the application and once done, you will send it back to us signed at

Help to fill in the application form

In your application, you should address the following areas:

  •  Relevant collection type: A distinction is made between two types of fundraising; one for donations where the purpose is humanitarian and one for all other types of fundraising. 
  •  Is the collection Vat exempt: Are you exempt from paying VAT on the collection amounts? If you are from an NGO, please click "yes". 
  •  Is the collection combined with a competition: If you are running a campaign on the keyword, mark "yes".
  •  Is the collection combined with a competition in a nationwide radio or tv program? If you are making national fundraising on TV or radio, please get in touch with us straight away as the application process can take more than two months.
  •  Collection starting date: When does the fundraising start? 
  • Collection stop date: When does the fundraising end? You can set it forward with a maximum of 1 year.
  • Shortcode: 4-digit number to which your donors or members send a message to. If your organization does not have its own shortcode, you can use OnlineFundraising's SMS service, where it is either 1217, 1416, or 1962. Please ask if you have any doubts.

You may be entitled to a reduction in the transaction fee charged by 4T for an overcharged text message. This applies if your keyword is used to accept donations for a humanitarian organization. In this case, an application will reduce the transaction fee from 14% down to 3%.