Introduction: Contacts

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If you wish to see all your donors and members, go to Contacts under the menu item Transactional. The Contacts menu item provides a list of the latest contacts received through OnlineFundraising. This is also your go-to place if a donor calls your organisation in order to make changes to their agreement.

Contact Data

When you receive information about donors and members you should be aware that you must be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. GDPR states how personal data should be processed and stored.

At OnlineFundraising we handle the personal data you collect about your donors and members. The data which is stored depends on what information you collect when you create a contact, whether it is on your website, via telemarketing or field-marketing, or while handling inbound and outbound text messages.

This includes approval of payment information via payment gateways, acquirers and other information which is required to approve the payment method. See our Data Processing Agreement for more information.

For the same reason there is a difference between anonymising and archiving a contact. When you anonymise a contact, you cannot identify the contact again. On the other hand, if you choose to archive a contact, it is possible to look up the personal data again.

Manage Duplicates

OnlineFundraising does not check for duplicate contacts. If you are interested in managing duplicates, you should do so via an integration – typically through a CRM system – which has additional data points which can help determine if the contact is a duplicate or not.

The same person can occur as multiple contacts in OnlineFundraising. The reason for this is that OnlineFundraising creates a new contact for every time a person makes a new single payment or creates a new payment agreement – unless you use a CRM integration where duplicates are merged automatically.