Telemarketing and street canvassing

Introduction: Telemarketing and street canvassing (Onboarding)

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Telemarketing and street canvassing – welcome to Onboarding

Onboarding is a module in OnlineFundraising that makes it easier to recruit and correct existing payment agreements with telemarketers through street canvassing, and through memberships. 

Whether you do telemarketing in-house or work with an agency, it is easy to get started using OnlineFundraising for telemarketing.

Agencies like TMPO, The Call Company, All Ears, Charity Guard, Storm Group, and Kobborg Consult are ready to use Onboarding. If you use another agency, or if you are an agency that wants to use the functionality of Onboarding, then please get in touch.

Why choose Onboarding? 

Many of the processes associated with assisted recruitment become easier and smoother for your organisation, your partners, and most importantly: your donors and members. 

With Onboarding, you get the following benefits:

  • The phoner, facer or the customer service staff can do most of the work. 
  • The donor does not have to provide any personal information, but can  simply approve the agreement with a swipe on MobilePay or the Betalingsservice (Denmark) app.
  • You can quickly increase the amount, change the frequency, or change the payment method for the existing agreement. 
  • Introduction, ongoing dialogue, and settlement with agencies become easier. 

How do I get started? 

When you are a part of OnlineFundraising, you automatically have access to Onboarding. All you have to do is ask us to turn it on, and then you can get started. 


For those already using OnlineFundraising, there are no start-up costs associated with Onboarding. There is also no subscription price for the module, as the frequency of assisted fundraising campaigns varies from organisation to organisation. 

Instead, Onboarding is charged as CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) - i.e. for each successful action. It is important for us that small, as well as large organizations, can use our services. 


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