Introduction: Agreements/Subscriptions

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Are you looking to access the agreements processed through OnlineFundraising? To find these, please navigate to Subscriptions and Agreements. Together, they constitute a payment agreement.

Both Subscriptions and Agreements can be found in the left-hand menu under Transactional

Understanding the difference between an Agreement and a Subscription

A subscription refers to a commitment to an agreement, while an agreement is the contract or product that the contact has subscribed to.

To understand the difference between a subscription and an agreement, think of a Netflix subscription. When you purchase a subscription, everything related to the amount and frequency of  falls under an agreement.

Shared/personal agreement

There are two main types of agreements: shared and personal.

  • Shared Agreement

    Creating a shared agreement helps maintain a unified contract-based framework for all its subscribers. This type of agreement is ideal for situations where you have a specific type of agreement, such as a membership, where amounts, frequency, and billing dates are the same for everyone.

    Should you change the amount for a shared agreement, it will affect all subscribers within that specific agreement.

  • Personal Agreement
    A personal agreement is the most common type used in OnlineFundraising. Unlike in the shared agreement, there is no overarching framework. You will see this when a form allows for individual choices regarding the amount or frequency of an agreement.

Understanding the different statuses


Applicable to both shared and personal agreements, agreements can be in one of two states: Available and Archived. If an appointment is no longer in use, you can archive it.


  • Pending
    This status means the subscription is awaiting the activation of the payment method, typically seen with direct debit. 
  • Active
    The subscription is in an active state, and future payments will be charged.
  • Expired
    The subscription has exceeded its expiry date and will not charge any more payments.
  • Inactive
    The subscription is inactive, and billing has been stopped.

  • Archived
    The subscription has been archived, and no further payments will be made.
  • Error
    The subscription has an error. See our list of error and cancel codes here.

Payment methods

Payment method is what is used to pay for a specific subscription.

Types of payment methods

  • Card
    Cards are a convenient method for both one-time and fixed payments.
  • MobilePay Subscriptions
    MobilePay Subscriptions allow you to create fixed payment agreements through the MobilePay app, a popular Danish payment method. The gateway for MobilePay Subscriptions is MobilePay itself. To offer MobilePay Subscriptions, you'll need an agreement with MobilePay.
  • Betalingsservice Denmark
    Betalingservice Denmark is suitable for establishing fixed payment agreements, particularly in a Danish context. The gateway for Betalingsservice is, naturally, Payment Services. To provide this option, you'll need an agreement with them.
  • Sms
    SMS-based payments use keywords to collect fixed payments, a method commonly used in Denmark. 

Additional product (ADD-ON) 

You have the option to include add-ons with a subscription. This can be an additional donation on top of a membership. An add-on is often associated with telemarketing activities.