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Create new workflow in Onboarding

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Your workflows in Onboarding are a configuration of what actions your agency should perform on your behalf and what data points should be captured in the process.

Workflows come in two forms:

  • Sign-up: actions performed during the creation of all new agreements.
  • Upgrade: collective for actions that improve an existing contract, including increasing the frequency and/or amount, and changing the payment method as needed. For example, changing the frequency from annual to monthly so that the donor/member supports more.


Workflow for sign-up

A sign-up workflow is configured by an optional number of products. A product can be an agreement or a single donation.

Each of these can be fixed to specific amounts, frequencies, and payment methods or be free in the sense that your agency can define the amount itself in the conversation with a lead.

In order for recruitment to access a campaign associated with a sign-up workflow, you need to have a unique optional: "External Lead ID". In this way, Onboarding can systemically separate one lead from another across multiple sessions.


Review of sign-up
In the picture below you see that an External Lead ID, defined by CRM or phoner, is missing. This will be seen when creating new agreements.


When the External Lead ID is inserted, it will look like this:


Workflow for upgrade

A Workflow for upgrade is configured, as sign-up, with an optional number of products, each of which can be fixed or free for agencies to define. Similarly, it is also possible to configure which contact details to update and which other data points to register.

In addition, it is possible to specify:

  • Which payment methods the agencies may switch to if necessary.
  • Whether agencies may cancel - and/or pause a contract that they are otherwise trying to upgrade if the donor wishes it.

For recruitment to access a Campaign associated with a Workflow for Upgrade, an "External Lead ID" is not required, but rather the "Subscription Guid" of the agreement.


If a Subscription guid is missing when upgrading an existing contract, you will receive this error message:


Once the Subscription guid is inserted and confirmed, it will look like this:


You can watch our webinar where Stephan explains more about workflow setup.