Cancel a personal agreement

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1. Find the agreement you want to cancel

When you want to stop a payment agreement, the first thing you need to do is find and select the relevant subscription. You can find a contact and their payments/agreements by searching for the contact's email/phone number.


2. Select Cancel

Once you've navigated to view the relevant subscription, you'll see the option to Cancel. Click here.


3. Note the reason

After clicking Cancel, you'll encounter a pop-up where you can note the reason for canceling the agreement.


Here you can write a reason and save it by clicking the Send button.

It's not required to write anything. The description will be displayed at the top of the subscription view when the agreement is subsequently accessed. If you have a CRM system integrated with OnlineFundraising, the description will also appear in your CRM.

What happens next?

Once you've canceled the payment agreement, the status will change to inactive, and no further charges will be made.

You can choose to send a notification of the cancellation to the donor/member. Set up an email notification to be sent when changes are made to the agreement under Communication. Read more about it here.