Introduction: Export

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Export is a function that gives you an instant image of your data. Therefore we have set the expiration date for generated data to 7 days, and thereafter you should make a new Export. 

Export should be seen as direct access to your data in OnlineFundraising. 

Your data is divided into four different areas: Payments, subscription, dataset, and contacts. Therefore you can among other things, use the export function to know how many have used Mobilepay as a payment method. All you need to do is create an export of payments, and filter the other payment methods. 

How long does it take to export data? 

The time it takes to make an export varies from seconds to minutes, depending on how much you - and others - are exporting at that time. You can choose to be notified when your export is ready. 

List viewing

This list shows an overview of the generated exports, which are still available for download.


  • State 

Under state, you have the opportunity to see the status of your export file downloads. There are three stages: pending which means that the export is queued, in progress which means the export is being processed and processed which means the export is ready to be downloaded. If an export shows failed, the export has failed and we will be notified immediately and correct the error. 

  • Time left 

An export has an expiration date on 7 days. Thereafter you need to make a new one. 

  • Name

You can give your downloaded export a name after you created it. 

  • Entity

Entity means where the data is downloaded from. Our different entities/areas are also the way OnlineFundraising's backend is divided. 

  • Number of rows 

The number of rows in the Excel sheet gives you a quick overview of how many rows are in the sheet. If you have made an extract of contacts, it will sum up the number of donors/members in your export.

  • Download 

Press the icon to download your excel sheet. As the picture above shows, there will be nothing to download if there are 0 rows. Therefore the download will not be shown. 

Single view 

Tap into one of the finished exports to see more information. The rows take the same data as from the list view, but here you can also see the time of creation, format, and which email is connected. 


  • Created

Our time format is YYYY-MM-DD (Year, month, day of date), TT:MM: SS (time, minute, seconds) 

  • Format = XLSX or CSV 

You can choose between XLSX, where we have made the sheet, so you can filter, or you can choose a plain CSV file. 

  • Email

You can be notified that your export is ready to be picked up. Please note, that it is only possible to download the export if you have user access to your OnlineFundraising.

Create a new export 

As mentioned earlier, the division of possible exports is made on the basis of our entities. We have divided the export variants into some of the following main categories:

 Dunning and maintenance - reports that help fundraisers in their work on maintaining the donor base. 

- Retention

- Winback
- Card subscriptions expired or are soon to expire

 Transactional - raw data of data in OnlineFundraising, transaction, and accounting optimization is especially for bookkeeping. 

- Contact
- Subscription
- Subscription including add-ons
- Payment
- Transaction
- Accounting optimized

 Onboarding by TM and F2F - raw data for activities in telemarketing and street marketing
- Onboarding Lead
- Onboarding Session
- Resulting payments
- Resulting subscriptions
- Campaign status

 SMS - raw data for incoming and outgoing text messages   
- SMS Received
- SMS Reply
- SMS Sent

 Metadata log of all records of systematic - and optional fields  
- DataSet

Frequently asked questions 

  • Is it possible to save a template so that the fields do not have to be re-entered?
    No, not at this time.
  • Can I send an export at a fixed time? 
    No, not at the moment.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at support@onlinefundraising.dk