Form Builder

Introduction: Form Builder

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When creating a form, go to Form Builder in the main menu of OnlineFundraising. The menu item Forms provides an overview of all existing forms.

Forms – Overview of all forms


1. Title
This is the title of the form. Click here if you wish to edit the form. 

2. Form ID
The form is automatically provided with an ID which is used when embedding the form on your website, among other things.

3. Tracking ID
If you provided a tracking ID in the form it is displayed here.

4. Edit
This column provides a link which is a preview of the form in question.

5. Download receipt script
The confirmation page is displayed once a donor/member fills out a form. To ensure that the confirmation page is displayed correctly, we have created a script for embedding the confirmation page which is downloadable here. The URL of your confirmation page is defined in Purposes of the form.

6. Add new
Click here to add a new form.

Creating a new form

There are two approaches to creating a new form. The first approach is to click Add new in the top right corner as described above. This allows you to create a form from scratch. The second approach is to copy an existing form – we recommend this approach.

The structure of a form

Define one or more purposes of the form in question, including a purpose accounting code. Read more about purposes here.

This area provides an overview of all the fields of the form in question. This includes fields that are visible and fields that are hidden from the donor/member. It is possible to configure the form using standard fields. It is also possible to add new custom fields.

Add and edit the terms of the form here.

Customise styling, HTML in head and javascript
Provide code in this area to add unique styling or unique field logic to the form.

Export and import form configuration
The code provided in this area is used to create a new identical form. Read our guide about copying existing forms here.

Customise labels
It is possible to change the display text of standard fields and values. For instance, "Monthly" can be renamed to "Each month" or any other text of your choosing.

Webinar about Form Builder (and Communication)

View our webinar about setting up campaigns in OnlineFundraising. In this webinar, Stephan walks you through the functionalities of the Form Builder and the Communication module.

Please note that the webinar is in Danish.