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How to configure fields in a form

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When creating a form it is necessary to define the fields of the form, including the settings regarding transactions.

We recommend copying an existing form and customising it to fit your needs. Read about how to copy an existing form.

Add fields to a form

In the area Fields you can add additional fields using the button Add another which is placed at the bottom of the area.

Functionality of the different fields

It is possible to configure relevant information for each field. Fields can be both visible and invisible to the donor/member.


This is the name of the field which is also visible in the form, provided that the field is visible to the end-user.

Require = Check this setting if the field is required.
Read only = Check this setting if the end-user should not be allowed to edit this field.
Hide = Check this setting if the field should not be visible in the form.

Input type
Configure which type of information you intend to collect via the field - e.g. if it text, number, email, etc.

Save as
Define how to save the data which was typed in the field. Select from a list of standard fields such as Payment Method. It is also possible to save as a Custom field.

If the end-user should be able to select from a list of options (corresponding to input type Radio or Select), define the options as a comma-separated list, such as: Coffee,Soda,Water.

For transactional fields, such as Frequency or Payment Method, you do not have to configure the field setting Options. Instead, the options are configured in the section Transactional settings which is placed in the right-hand column of the Form Builder.

It is possible to add a tooltip to some of the fields. The text becomes visible when the end-user hovers the mouse over the ?-icon as shown in the picture below.


All text fields automatically have a validation string which is customisable. The validation string becomes visible when the end-user attempts to enter a value which is not valid to the field in question. 

The reference is related to a field 'behind the curtains'. The reference is not available to the end-user, but can be retrieved using file export or via the API, e.g. an integration to a CRM-system. The field is automatically populated for standard fields and needs to be manually populated for custom fields. 

Delete unnecessary fields

Delete the fields that are not needed by clicking the Remove button.

Order fields

It is possible to configure the order of the fields using the arrow buttons.









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