Get ready for Google Analytics 4

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Are you ready to upgrade from Google Analytics 3 to Google Analytics 4? This guide is tailored for those already familiar with Tag Manager part 1. 

Why switch to Google Analytics

Google Analytics er den primære tracking af dine brugere og derfor et godt udgangspunkt for analyser og markedsføring på din hjemmeside – også kaldet re-marketing.

Google Analytics is your primary tool for tracking user interactions, making it an indispensable resource for analysis and marketing on your website — commonly known as re-marketing.

Google Analytics 3 has been phased out, and the associated data is no longer available. To safeguard your historical insights, we urge you to transition to Google Analytics 4 immediately.

How to Migrate Your Data

This guide builds on the assumption that you're familiar with using Tag Manager part 1, specifically with Stephan’s existing configurations for transferring data from OF to Tag Manager. You might find our related webinar helpful.



1. Create a New Property 

Start by setting up a new property in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Unsure of the process? Follow this step-to-step guide.

2. Import Data 

Import and merge the attached Tag Manager Container with your current Tag Manager setup.



3. Modify tags   

Some tags need tweaking to function correctly:

  1. GA4 Confirguration Tag: Enter your Measurement ID from your GA4 property by navigating to workspace --> tags --> GA4 Configuration --> Measurement ID.
  2. GA4 OF Succes Event: Assign a trigger, usually the same as the "GA event success". It should at least be linked to the "OF thank you page (success)".
  3. GA4 Event - Transaction Ready: Set the trigger to "OF thank you page (success)".



Testing Your Setup

The "GA4 OF succes event" and "GA4 ecommerce Purchase" tags include a "debug_mode" set to "true".This feature allows you to test live whether GA4 is correctly receiving your data, significantly enhancing the capabilities over Google Analytics 3.

  1. Navigate to Configure
  2. Then DebugView  


This enables you to monitor incoming data in real-time as your setup gets traffic. To learn more about effective testing, do check out our webinar.

4. Add Your Measurement ID

After adjusting your tags, access the "GA4 Configuration" tag and input your Measurement ID, obtained from your analytics setup. If unsure about locating your Measurement ID, it can be found under Analytics --> Admin --> Datastream.

Reference the image below for guidance:


Should you have any questions or require further assistance with your setup, please don’t hesitate to contact us at