Form Builder

How to copy existing form

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When copying a form, we recommend identifying a form among your existing forms which resembles the intended form as much as possible.

Step 1: Copy form

1. Select Form Builder in the main menu of OnlineFundraising.
2. Select the form you intend to copy (click to edit).


3. Select the export code of the form. The code is located in the grey area in the box called Export and import form configuration

form-copy-2.png4. Select the button Add new in the top right corner.

Step 2: Create the new form

Having followed the steps of the previous section, you are now in position to edit the new form.

1. Provide a name for the form.
2. Scroll down to the area of Export and import configuration and paste the code you copied earlier.
3. Select Publish.


The page will then be updated, and the settings from the form you originally copied should appear on the settings of the new form.

Continue editing the form as needed.