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How to embed a form on your website


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Embed a form on your website using an autogenerated script from OnlineFundraising. The embed script inserts an iframe into the landing page that contains the form.

Step 1: Download the Embed Script from OnlineFundraising

The first step is to download the script needed to embed the form:

  1. Pick Form Builder in the main menu of OnlineFundraising.
  2. Edit the form you wish to embed.
  3. Click the button Download embed script in the right-hand panel of the Form Builder.


The embed script will download to your computer in .txt format.

Step 2: Embed the script on your website

The next step is to copy the content of the downloaded file (the embed script) and paste it to your website in the location you wish the form to appear. The approach can vary depending on how your website is setup. 

  1. Navigate to the site were the form is to be embedded. Access to edit the site is required – this type of permission is usually handled internally in your organisation or by an external web bureau (not by OnlineFundraising).
  2. If possible: When editing the site, select text editor. Most editors allow you to edit sites using different types of editors, e.g. text or HTML. 
  3. Copy and paste the script (i.e. the entire content of the downloaded .txt file). The video below shows an example of how to paste the code into the editor without modifying or removing the content of the script. 


Once the script has been added you should be able to see the result on your site. If the form is not visible it may be due to the fact that your website editor does not allow you to add a code. To troubleshoot, start by reaching out the person in your organisation who is responsible for the website.

Note: All changes that are made to the form will be published to the site upon saving the changes.