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The embeddable pages are HTML documents that can be retrieved and embedded as iFrames in your system of choice.

Batch Statistics - /sms_stats.html?guid=<batchGuid>

Visualization of the current state of a batch with key performance indicators. batchGuid must be specified.

There are two visualizations available:

  • Information for the sent messages
    • Default view

  • Batch overview
    • Available by specifying &type=overview

  • Information regarding number of clicks, if a shortened link was specified
    • Available by specifying &type=links_clicked
      Pleasse note: shortlinks is only available in Production. Not Sandbox.

Visual Examples

Default view


Batch overview


Link clicks view


SMS Cockpit - /sms_cockpit.html?token=<X>

Simple formular to send a SMS to a specified phone number. Token must be specified.

Does not support sending messages with emojis.

Visual Example: