Introduction (Payment Channels)

Payout time of deposits

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The payout time of a deposit is determined by the payment method used. Get an overview of the withdrawal time of the different payment methods here. 

Betalingsservice Denmark

For Betalingsservice Denmark the payment flow is as follows:

  • Money is withdrawn on the first banking day of the month
  • Money is withdrawn on the second business day of the month
  • The money can be seen in the account on the third business day of the month.

MobilePay Online

MobilePay Online, i.e. single payments with MobilePay via your website or a form (read more about the different forms for MobilePay here – please note that it is in Danish), paid according to which card the giver/member uses in MobilePay.

MobilePay Subscriptions

MobilePay Subscriptions i.e. repeated withdrawals with MobilePay, are paid after 1-2 banking days. They will be paid in batches.

MobilePay handles the actual payment to you, and this can be done in two different ways. If you choose instant withdrawals, MobilePay Subscription pays each transaction separately. NOTE: It is not possible to refund payments if immediate payment is selected.

If you choose daily payouts, MobilePay Subscription will pay out payments for one day at a time in total.

Debit card /payment card

The payout time for debit cards depends on how you handle debit cards. If you are in doubt, please send us an email at 

Nets Easy

When you receive payments through Nets Easy, the payout time can be up to 30 business days after payment is withdrawn. This is regardless of whether the payment was made by Visa or Dankort.

Sms payments

For text message payments, including SMS keywords, the money will be visible in your account after the current month + one month. They will be paid in batches.

OnlineFundraising is responsible for paying these. Should you, therefore, wish it to be paid to another account, please contact us.



  • When do you pay the money?
    We don't pay your money, the different suppliers do.

  • How do I change my account for withdrawals?
    You contact the person with whom you made the agreement.