How do you charge for time spent?

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We aim to be completely transparent about how we assess when the time we spend is billed to the client. We have an important internal rule when we assess the time spent.

The golden rule: "Fair payment for time spent and only that."

OnlineFundraising is designed to make it easy to manage donations. That's why we strive to make you as self-driven as possible, so you choose when you get the value of help from us.

At your expense

When we help on an hourly basis, we do so under the following conditions.

Hourly rate  900 DKK/hour.
To be paid from  Started 15 min. for consultants, 30 min. for developers
Invoiced Monthly

We help with many different communication channels.

Phone Paid by the hour
E-mail Paid by the hour
Webinars Free/paid space
Help Center  Free

Help often falls into these categories:


Support in OnlineFundraising is not included in the subscription. Instead, you can find free help in our support universe. Here we publish guides and videos on an ongoing basis.

Data and payments

OnlineFundraising's goal is to ensure as many successful payments as possible. Unfortunately, many things can affect whether payments go as expected. Therefore, questions and requests for follow-up may arise.

We are happy to help clarify this.


OnlineFundraising is happy to help with development tasks that can complement the regular functionality. All time spent on this, as well as subsequent customization and handling of unique code, is billed as development.


We are happy to help with both tactical and strategic advice on fundraising and the use of OnlineFundraising.

At our expense

There are situations where we do not charge any extra:


As long as we're explaining our products to you, it is of course on us on us. Once we start setting up your solution, it naturally switches to support time.

Support on our expense

1. Technical errors – If there is a technical problem with the core functionality of OnlineFundraising, we will fix it free of charge.

2. Data problems – if we feel the data does not live up to what we strive for given the situation, we give either a partial or full discount on the time spent.

We hope this clarification can help ensure you get the most for your money and that we can continue to partner with you for many years to come.