How do I change my password?

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If for any reason you or a colleague would like a new password for OnlineFundraising, you have the option to reset your password and create a new one.

1. Go to the list of users

The first thing you need to do is to go to the menu item Users. You will then see a list of the users who have access to your OnlineFundraising.


2. Find the relevant user

Find yourself or the colleague you want to change the password for in the list view. Click on the username.

3. Type in a new password

Enter your desired password. If you are changing a password for a colleague, you simply click Generate Password, which will create an auto-generated password. You can also change it to something easy and then send a message to the user to change it. We like to use: changenewpassword, which prompts the user to come up with a new one.


4. Update the information and notify the user

Once you have generated a new password, click Update User. The password is now updated. If you have changed the password for a colleague, then send your colleague a message with the updated password so that they can change it themselves.