Change Payment Method

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This article describes how to change Payment Method for a Subscription. OnlineFundraising supports several ways of changing Payment Method:

  1. In OnlineFundraising: A user can change the Payment Method manually (Go to section)
  2. Via link: Donor/Member can change Payment Method using a link (Go to section)
  3. Onboarding: A user can change Payment Method using an Upgrade Workflow (Go to article)
Important: It is not possible to change Payment Method for for 3rd Party Betalingsservice.

1. Change Payment Method in OnlineFundraising

1.1. Identify Subscription

Start by identifying the Subscription for which the Payment Method should be changed. Search for the Contact and their Payments and Subscription(s) by searching for the Contact email or phone number.


Important: The Donor/Member must be available in order to complete the process of changing Payment Method. Contact data of the Donor/Member is needed to setup the new Payment Method, and in some cases the Donor/Member needs to provide their approval.

1.2. Select Change payment method

Once you have identified the Subscription, go to the section Payment method and select the option: Change Payment Method.


1.3. Configure new Payment Method

The Change Payment Method opens in a new tab in your browser. This page displays information about the Subscription along with Payment Methods that are available to switch over to.


Select the Payment Method the Donor/Member wishes to change to. Click Continue, and you will be redirected to a page which allows you to provide the Contact data relevant to the new Payment Method. The Contact data needed to complete configuration is dependant on which Payment Method was selected.

Important: It is only possible to select between Payment Methods which are configured for you organisation.

1.4. Finalise Configuration of Payment Method

Once configuration of the Payment Method is finalised, the new Payment Method will be used for future payments.

Tip: In some situations a number of payments failed due to an invalid Payment Method, e.g. because the Payment Method was expired. To catch up with the uncharged payments, a solution could be to - in agreement with Donor/Member - create a temporary AddOn, or to change the amount.

2. Send Change Payment Method Link to Donor/Member

OnlineFundraising supports that Donor/Member can change their Payment Method themselves using a link. The prerequisites to sending such a link is that the Subscription id (subscriptionGuid) is known. Often this link is generated programmatically, e.g. in a CRM-System via an integration.

Important: Link to change Payment Method should be shared directly with Donor/Member and never shared publicly.

To send the link to Donor/Member, do the following:

  1. Performs steps 1.1-1.2. of Change Payment Method in OnlineFundraising, that is, including the step where you click Change payment method.
  2. Copy the URL from the browser. This link can be shared directly with Donor/Member.

Example from browser:


The URL is constructed as follows: