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When creating a new form, we recommend copying an existing form instead of building it from scratch.

Find the form among your existing forms that is the most similar to the new one you want to create and follow the steps below to copy it.

Step 1: Copy Form

1. Select Form Builder in the main menu of OnlineFundraising.

2. Choose the form you want to copy.


3. Copy the form's export code, which you can find in the gray field under Export and import form configuration. Make sure to copy the entire code. 


4. Click the Add new button located at the top left.

STEP 2: Create the new form

You are now on the page where you can edit your new form.

1. Give your form an appropiate name 

2. Scroll back down to Export and import form configuration and paste the copied code into the white field.

3. Press publish to create the new form.


The page will refresh, and you will see that the settings from the copied form have been transferred to your new form.

Now you can begin editing your new form to your liking.

Always remember to save your changes.

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