Configure Automatic E-mails for Payment Method Renewal

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Do you wish to send automatic e-mails (and/or SMS) from OnlineFundraising when a card is due for renewal on an agreement? Read how to in this article.

Step 1: Create Landing Page on Your Website

The first step is to create a landing page on your website and retrieve the URL. As an example, the URL could look like this:, and this will become the page on which donors/members arrive to renew their payment method. A success landing apge is needed as well, e.g. called:

Step 2: Go to Settings in OnlineFundraising

Select Settings in the main menu of OnlineFundraising.


Step 3: Apply Landing Page URLs

Apply the new landings pages in Settings > Change Payment Method. Make sure to also configure which payment methods donor/member should be able to select.

Download the scripts placed under URL to change and URL when changed by clicking Download change payment method script and embed this script on you landings pages.


Once donor/member clicks the link they will land on a page which functions the same as Change Payment Method in the control panel of OnlineFundraising. Donor/member are able to change the payment method themselves from here.

In Settings you are able to configure which payment method donor/member should be able to select from, provided the payment methods are handled by OnlineFundraising.

Step 4: Configure E-Mail

Finally, when your new landing pages have been configured with the Change Payment Method scripts, you need to configure the e-mail you wish to send for retention. Go to Communication in the main menu of OnlineFundraising and scroll to the section Retention. This sections contains events for when a card expires and if a payment method is cancelled. Activate a template by checking the field 'Active' for the template you would like to use.


The icon to the right for the corresponding template will turn green once the template is active.

The picture below shows the OnlineFundraising default templates for card renewal:


If you are using OnlineFundraising default templates the link for the your organisation's landing page is already added to the content of the email and SMS templates. The link is present in the content as well as the button (Email template) (c.f. previous picture). The link is merged into the template, and in its raw form the link looks like this:


As an example the link will look like this for a landing page with the URL "" for the recipient of the email:

Customise the template with your organisations branding. It is also possible to send an SMS instead of or as a supplement to an email.