Select active Payment Method for Subscription

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A Subscription can only ever have one active Payment Method. The are some cases where more Payment Methods exist for a Subscription, for instance because the end-user changed their Payment Method. This scenario is not cause to error in OnlineFundraising but the end-user may have preferences as to which Payment Method is activated for the Subscription. 

In case multiple Payment Methods exist it is possible for the OnlineFundraising user to select which one should be active. 

Important: It is not possible to select Payment Method for SMS Subscriptions.

1. Go to the Subscription

Lookup the Subscription for which you want to select Payment Method. The quickest way is usually to lookup the Contact and select the Subscription. In the seciton Payment method you will have the option to pick Select. The option is only available if multiple Payment Methods exist.


2. Select Active Payment Method

Select the Payment Method to activate for the Subscription. Click Confirm.