How to Edit Purpose on a Payment

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It is possible to edit select data on a Payment in OnlineFundraising. It is usually only necessary to edit a Payment in case of changes to a published form, SMS Campaign or similar. The data fields available for editing are:

  • Tax-deductible
  • Purpose accounting code
For developers: Changes to a Payment triggers a webhook.

In the following example a purpose accounting code is added to a Payment. The picture below illustrates a single Payment which is already charged. It is flagged as tax-deductible but the purpose accounting code i missing. To edit the payment, go to the upper right corner of the Details area and click Edit


A new window opens with the option to edit the Payment. Add (or edit) the purpose accounting code in the text field. In this example the Payment is already flagged as tax-deductible, but this is also possible to edit in case the configuration is not correct.


Click Save changes. The  added (or edited) purpose accounting code is available in the Details section of the Payment (see picture below).