Edit metadata in a DataSet

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It is possible to edit metadata in a DataSet, the source of which is either a form submission, a text message or an Onboarding form.

Manual corrections to a DataSet are usually only necessary in case of errors. For instance, a common scenario is that a form was published, and later on the configuration was changed by adding a new metadata field. Any form submissions made prior to this change are missing this field.

For the developer: Manual corrections to DataSet corresponds to correcting the formResult. Editing a DataSet triggers a webhook. See our API documention on DataSet for details on the DataSet schema.

In the following example we will show how to add utm_source to an SMS DataSet.

1. Open DataSet

Find the DataSet you wish to edit. When editing a small amount of DataSets the easiest way to lookup the DataSet is to first lookup the Subscription or Payment. The screenshot below illustrates how to open a DataSet from a Subscription (similar for a Payment).


2. Edit DataSet

Select Edit in the upper right corner of the Details area.


It is possible to edit existing metadata fields or add new fields. To add a new field:

  1. Select New field
  2. Enter field name
  3. Enter field value

Repeat as needed. Finalise by saving the changes.


3. Review Result

The new or edited fields are available in the Details section of the DataSet. Please note that you may have to expand the section before being able to review the result.