How to Resend a Confirmation Email

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Have you ever found that a donor hasn’t received their confirmation email? Maybe the original message bounced back or was accidentally deleted. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to resend the confirmation via OnlineFundraising. If a donor contacts you directly requesting a new receipt, you can easily find their details under Transactional > Contacts and follow the process from step 5.

Preventing Errors

We recommend regularly checking for bounced emails and correcting as many as possible. Common errors include an email address ending in instead of

Find and correct failed addresses via Communication

To find the failed addresses, you can review all Communications or just one at a time. In any case, the process starts with Communication.

1. Open Communication

  • Go to the Communication sektion in OnlineFundraising's main menu and open one of your communications, e.g., Standard
  • Click on Email history to view the history, such as Single payment complete

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Here, you can choose to focus on failed emails from a single type of communication, or you can look at multiple mailings simultaneously.

2. Filter failed emails

For this example, we'll look at all bounced receipt emails for one-time donations.

  • Select Single Payment Complete and then Status = Bounced

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  • Choose Any communication collection to filter across all communications. If you only want to see failed emails for one communication, select it here

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By selecting Status before viewing all communications, you reduce the amount of data that needs to load. 

Be patient as the page loads, as there may be a lot of data to retrieve and display.


3. View error causes

You will now see the full list of all failed emails within the chosen filter (receipts for one-time donations across all communications).

  • Click on the recipient's address from the list of bounced emails to see the reason for the error
  • From this view, you can also go directly to the donor’s payment, correct the donor’s email address, and resend the receipt

Correct the donor's email address and resend the receipt

4. Find the donor's payment

  • Click on the recipient's address from the list of bounced emails
  • Click on See payment to view the payment details

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5. Edit contact information

  • The payment details, including the payer’s data, will be displayed. Click on Open next to the contact information

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  • Then click on Edit next to the contact information

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  • A new window will display the donor’s contact information. Correct the email address and click Save changes

6. Resend the receipt

  • Click on Go back at the top of the window to return to the payment for which you need to resend the receipt

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If you have searched for the person via Transactions > Contacts because the donor contacted you directly, click on the payment for which they want a new receipt sent.

  • Finally, click on Resend receipt, which will now be sent to the updated address

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