Confirmation Messages for Changes in Payment Agreements

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When you need to communicate that a change has been made to a payment agreement, you will need to set up an automatic notification.

This could be, for example, if someone calls to modify the frequency of a payment agreement, and you want to make sure they automatically receive confirmation of the change you've made. The changes are made in Onboarding, which is used for telemarketing and face-to-face interactions.

How to create confirmation messages for changes in payment agreements

You create automatic information about payment changes in the Changes section. Below, we will go through the different types of Changes for which you can send ongoing confirmations.

Different types of changes

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A change can occur in two ways—either by modifying an agreement or adding an add-on product. It depends on how you work with your data.

Agreement updated

Here, you can create a receipt when an agreement is modified. Therefore, you can send a confirmation that the change has been made.

Add-on created

If you use what is called an Add-on, which is a type of additional product for a subscription, you can create a confirmation message when it is created.

Send your messages via SMS or email:

In both of the above scenarios where you want to create a confirmation message, you can send a message via email and/or SMS.