SMS Inbound

How to reserve keywords

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The first time you need to reserve a keyword, we recommend taking a look at the prices for subscription and keyword reservations. Please note that your subscription will start automatically at the first reservation.



If you have previously reserved a keyword (like the screenshot below), your subscription is already in progress. If you are unsure about the price of extra keywords, you can see them here. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can reserve. 



1. Go to SMS Inbound

Go to OnlineFundraising, where you will find SMS Inbound on the left side of the main menu. Click here and select keywords. Then click Reserve new keyword in the right corner.

2. Check availability

In order to reserve a keyword, it is required that others have not already reserved it with the shortcode you are using. Therefore, start by checking if your desired keyword is available. It's free to search for a keyword - even when you press check. 


On the left, you can choose which shortcode you want to use. The shortcode is the phone number to which the keyword should be sent.

Note that if you choose two shortcodes for the same keyword, it will still count as two keywords and you will therefore be charged for two keywords.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at

2.1. Keyword is available  

If the keyword is available, it will appear as Available and you will now have the opportunity to reserve it. Click Reserve.


Once the keyword is reserved and active, you can attach it to your campaign. Now you also have the option to reserve a subkeyword.

2.2. Keyword is not available

However, if the keyword is not available, it will be displayed as Not available.


3. Setup your keyword

Once you have reserved your keyword, the image below will appear on your screen.


1. Campaign

The campaign defines what should happen when the donor/member sends a text message to your organisation (donation, start payment agreement, send reply message). If you have created a campaign, you can select it here in the dropdown menu. This way, the campaign is linked to the keyword. If you have not created a campaign, you can read how to create one here

2. Error message

If you do not have an active campaign associated with the keyword, you can send a message back. For example: "Thank you for your message. Sorry we couldn't find an active campaign, have a nice day."

3. Test the message

You can enter your phone number and receive a text message to test the message.

4. Webhook endpoint
If you want to receive webhooks for the keyword, the url can be inserted here.