Confirmation Messages for Sign-up

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You can send confirmation messages to your donors when they complete a registration, such as signing up for a donation, membership, or recurring payment. This can also include registrations without transactions, such as a petition.

Your confirmation message is linked to a form that has been filled out shortly before.

Setting Up Confirmation Messages for Registration

You can set up your confirmation messages in the Sign-up section, which covers everything related to filling out a form, telemarketing or face-to-face agreements, or a custom integration that has just been completed.

You can view the different registrations or sign-ups below, but first, we'll go through where you can send acknowledgment messages.

Write your acknowledgment message for the thank you page, email, and SMS

When setting up your communication regarding sign-up, you can choose to send messages via SMS or email, in addition to the text on the thank you page of your website.

Simply click on the individual sign-up and fill in your text.

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Communication to the Thank You Page

When setting up your communication for the thank you page, it is under On screen html. The template is always active, so we recommend looking at it first thing. On the left, you can edit your text, and on the right, you see how it looks on the thank you page.

Communication to Email

When you want to edit your email, you have the option to edit it in the visual editor (similar to MailChimp, for example), or you can build your email from HTML by clicking the Code button.

You'll find various templates to start from, or you can build your email from scratch if you prefer.

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Communication to SMS

It's straightforward to set up your communication for SMS — just enter the sender's name under "Sender name" and write the text you want to send.

Different Types of Sign-ups

Below is an overview of the different types of sign-ups for which you can send confirmation messages.

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Non-transactional form submitted

Here, you can create messages that are sent when a form without a transaction is saved. This means no payment or subscription to any service or agreement is charged. It could be, for example, a signature collection. The text you write here is used to communicate confirmation of this.

Single payment complete

If you have a form offering a single payment, use this text to confirm when your donor has filled out the form. 

Subscription complete

The text in this message is used when a contact subscribes to a payment agreement without immediate billing. This could be when the payment date is set for a later time or if the payment method has closed for registration.

Subscription and single payment complete

Use this type of message when a payment agreement is set up with immediate payment. In principle, immediate payment can have a different amount than the agreement.