Notifications Regarding Interrupted Payment

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You may need to send out information about payment methods when, for some reason, a payment is held in connection with a payment agreement. This could happen, for instance, when a card is about to expire or if a payment is canceled.

Reasons to Send These Notifications

When a payment is interrupted or withheld, it's crucial to highlight this to the donor. This gives the donor the chance to renew the payment method so the agreement can be maintained. A good way to do this could be by saying, for example, "Hi, it seems there's been an error" or "Hi, it looks like your payment card is about to expire."

Creating notifications for interrupted payments

You create this type of communication under Retention. Below, we'll cover the different types of Retention that encompass the events related to a payment method.

Different types of Retention


Payment method with credit card requires renewal

When there are 30 or 60 days left until the donor's payment card expires, you can ensure an automatic email or SMS is sent to bring attention to this, and to 

Payment method was cancelled by debitor:

If a payment method is canceled, you can immediately send a message to the donor. This way, you enable your donor to add a new payment method to the inactive agreement.

Send your notifications via SMS or email:

In the scenarios mentioned above, when you want to create a message, you can send it via email and/or SMS.

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To enable the donor to reactivate their payment agreement, you guide them to a form where they can choose a new payment method. This is done through a link, similar to the one in the above screenshot. It's important to define your own website and a specific page where the form is located so the donor can be directed there.