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How to set up SMS campaigns with payments

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You need to create a Campaign for payment SMS. 

1. Create your campaign

Start by navigating to SMS -> SMS Inbound -> Campaigns -> Create new campaign

2. Choose a campaign name

Choose a campaign name, which will be visible only to you in the list and not the donor

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2. Select reply message type

Choose your successfull reply message under Select service. Her vælger du Payment.

3. Insert your successfull reply message

In the box Succesful reply message you write the reply message sent when your keyword is used. The number in the corner shows how many characters you have used hence how many SMS will be sent. Every SMS i split into 160 characters with no limit to how many characters you can write.

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3.1. Insert variables
You can insert variables in your text.

  • [phone] - donors phonenumber

  • [amount] 

  • [url] - the url defines below

  • [keyword] - your chosen keyword

  • [channel] - your shortcode

3.2. Create URL

If you want to insert a URL in your message ex link to a form, you can enter it here. In the text you put in the variable: [url].

3.3. Send a test

You can test the message by entering your phone number and click Send test, be aware of not putting country code in front (+45 eller 0045).

3.4. Shorten your URL

This field you can use to shorten your URL if you use a link in your message..

  • Do not shorten
    If you do not want the link shortened
    Is shown as eg., where characters afterr "/" will be autogenerated and contains your link.
    Same as above nut shortens with the text and numbers: 

You can only use this function ifyour link is inserted in the box : URL with variable 

4. Text in case of error

In the box Failed reply message you can define a text which is sent in case of error whne trying to collect the amount. Usually the error is due to donors phonenumer not permitting over taxed sms. Procedure is the same as point 3.

5. Confirmation of Subscription cancelled 

6. Connect to Keyword

You can connect one of your keywords to your campaign by clicking Add keyword and choose from the list, once it is chosen you will be able to see on the campaign which keyword is connected.

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7. Create metadata

If you wish to append extra data to your CRM-system, you can add Meta data.
An example of meta data could be: Key: Kampagne Value: vinterkampagne2021
These are extra data that you need to append to payment or subscription, but which are not visible to the donor/member.


8. Choose transaction type


Your choice of transaction type will influence the transaction cost connected to your keyword.

  • Donation for humanitarium purposes: is the donation with a humanitarian purpose? 
  • Donation for non-humanitarian purposes: Is the donation for  non-humanitarian?
  • Product with physical goods: Is it a physical product you can purchase? Membership is not physical.
  • Product with digital services: Is your product digital, as for instance mucis, app, webservice.

9. Fill out Transactional information


  • Amount
    Full amount to be charged
  • VAT percentage
    Amount exclusive or inclusive VAT
    If you are exempted regarding VAT you write 0. If you are paying VAT you write 25.
    Skriv kun tal og ikke "%" i feltet.
  • Purpose accounting code 
    this is your Purpose as you know it from OnlineFundraising Forms, helping your bookkeepers identify payments with different purposes. Read more here:
  • Invoice text
    The text your donor will see on their phone bill.
  • Tax deductible
    If this box is checked, it means that you can see in an export or in your CRM system, if the payment is Tax deductable. Unless you put it on the receipt email/thank you email, it will not be visible to your donors.

10. Create your campaign

When you have completed all of the above you press Create to create the campaign (or Update, if you are doing changes).

If it is a new campaign and you have not yet chosen a keyword, you can go to Keywords and connect keyword & campaign there.
Read more in our guide: Reserve keyword