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Would you like to send out automatic reminders (via email and/or SMS) from OnlineFundraising when a card on an agreement expires? Then read along in this guide.

Step 1: Create Landing Pages on Your Website

The first thing you need to do is create two new landing pages on your website. 

The first page could be named, for example: This will become the page on which donors/members arrive when they need to renew their payment method. 

The second page could be named, for example, This is the success landing page, where your donor will land after they have completed the change of payment method. 

Step 2: Go to Settings in OnlineFundraising

Select Settings in the main menu of OnlineFundraising.


Step 3: Choose New Payment Methods

Under Settings, you can decide which payment methods you want donors/members to be able to choose from, providing that the payment methods are managed by OnlineFundraising.

Step 4: Insert URLs for Landing Pages

Insert the new URLs for your landing pages under Settings > Change Payment Method.

When a donor/member clicks on the automatic email, they will land on the page under URL to change, and there will be a form there with the option to change the payment method. 


Step 5: Download and Insert Scripts on Landing Pages

Download the two scripts under URL to change and URL when changed, using the Download change payment method script function, and then place them on the two landing pages mentioned in step 1. 

Step 6: Set up the Email under Communication

Once the above pages are ready on your website, you ned to set up the email you want to send out regarding card renewal. 

Go to Communication in the main menu, where you will find the Retention section. Here, you can set up an automatic email for when a card expires or if a payment method is cancelled via your gateway. You do this by activating the relevant template so it appears as active. 



The icon on the right side of the template you have chosen to activate will return green accordingly. The image below shoes OnlineFundraising's default template for card renewal: 


If you are using OnlineFundraising default templates, the link to the landing page for changing the payment method is already included in the content of the email and SMS templates. The link is present in the body text and the button (see image above). The link will be merged in and appears in its raw form as follows:


As an example the link will look like this for a landing page with the URL "" for the recipient of the email:

Customise the template with your organisation's branding. 

How to test if the renewal page works

To test if the form on the renewal page works, you need to use a subscription ID, but it will not be displayed in the test view.

One way to test it is by going to an active subscription and clicking on Change. This will take you to the renewal page with the form.

Subscription – change.jpg

Once you have activated the function and emails are being sent out, you can also go in and see what the different emails look like in the email history. You can read about how to find email history here.

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