Email History in OnlineFundraising

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OnlineFundraising keeps a history of notifications and confirmations sent via email. The email history is useful for inspecting if emails are being processed as expected, as well as handling requests from people who are either expecting an email that seemingly never arrived, or even received an email they did not expect.

Important: It is not possible to inspect email history on a Contact level in OnlineFundraising. In addition, it is not possible to export email history from OnlineFundraising. To achieve detailed insights to the email activities of your organisation we recommend using an external system.

Understand the Email History

The email history provides a quick and simple overview of:

  • Created timestamp
  • State (System)
  • Status (Recipient)
  • Receiver email
  • Subject

It is also possible to inspect the content of an email.

Overview of Sent Emails

The email history is found i Communications.


The overview is color-coded based on status. Filter emails based on status with the dropdown Any status.


Important: OnlineFundraising only tracks the status up until the point it arrives in the recipient's inbox. Any event after Delivered, for instance of the email was opened or not, is not available in OnlineFundraising.

Dive Into the Details

It is possible to filter and search in the email history. A common scenario is that an OnlineFundraising user needs to investigate if an email was sent to a specific recipient. Enter the recipient's email address in the search field to get a list of sent emails. The entire email address must be typed for the search to take effect.


The email history contains detailed for each email:

  • Mail events: Progress of email after it was sent from the system
  • Connetions: Depending on the event type that triggered the email, Connections contains the resulting Payment or Subscription.
  • Email body: View email body, including merged fields.